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While I was studying in Brunswick, Germany, I had the opportunity to study for one year as an ERASMUS student at the Technical University of Tampere, Finland. I found the university in comparison to Germany more progressive, student-friendly, less bureaucratic. Hence, I went back to Finland in 1999 and in autumn 2000 I graduated here in Tampere in Industrial Engineer and Management. Afterwards, I worked at the school for two years in various projects and later on I shifted to the private sector in field the software testing.

It has always been important for me to make my own decisions in order to provide the best possible service and assistance to customers. In 2005, I began my self-employment in the field of vehicle homologation and gave up my permanent workplace a few years later. A decision I do not regret!

As an entrepreneur I have learned that, despite of a single European market, authorities can be very creative in protectionism when it comes to protecting their home market from competition. A challenge, which I still today enjoy meeting with entrepreneurial pleasure and enthusiasm.

If you are in need for a commercial agent in Finland, I would be glad to let you benefit from my experience and daily enthusiasm.