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Welcome to your commercial agency in Finland!

Trade is a primordial impulse of the human race. From the stone age to ancient times, from the Hanseatic league to the modern times, mankind has always found ways of approaching each other by trade. Especially in our time with trade agreements, free trade zones or even common markets with uniform rules such as the European Union, trade is the backbone of our prosperity.

Why not taking advantage of the possibilities? It does not always take a big investment to open up new sales markets. With a competent and trustworthy partner, who knows the country and the people, you can be successful with a good product even outside your home market.

A good commercial agent opens up the opportunity to gain a foothold in a new market at very low costs and risks. With him, you can not only reach new customers, he also helps you meeting market-specific requirements. This is how you and your customers are approaching through trade.

Yours sincerely,
Jens Spieker